Do you know

  • a relative,
  • a friend,
  • or an acquaintance


who wants to

  • study abroad,
  • get accepted at a university,
  • attend a summer school,
  • or take a language course?


However, they can’t do that because of

  • accommodation expenses,
  • high tuition costs,
  • or hefty fees?

Well, all those life stories can be turned Upside Down ...

And we want to make our contribution by providing students with easier access to small and medium-sized companies, big enterprises, and other organisations.

Our Motivation

One of the stories at Ellen show provides a real-life example of the challenges students face.

It motivates us to help as many students as we can who struggle with the same or similar problems.

↑ An Uber rider pays his driver’s tuition fees when he got to know about her story. ↑