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Our company was founded in 2018 by Siddharth Muricken and Gautham Muricken with a single mission: Sustainability. We focus on building a robust supply chain for our products by directly supplying them to our customers from the originating farms and plantations cutting down most middlemen and traders.

We are also specialised in giving sustainable plantation and agriculture solutions where our consultancy team of experts plan, design, and help implement modern ideas and techniques of sustainable solutions in your plantation or agriculture farm.

Muricken Enterprises And Holdings offers the comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to help you solve the most complex issues of your plantation or agriculture property.

Want to experience the expertise of Muricken Enterprises And Holdings for yourself? Give us a call today and let’s discuss what we can do for you.

Phone number: +919567268306

Founded: 2018


Tellicherry pepper TGSEB (TGSEB = Tellicherry Garbled Special Extra Bold) is a particularly careful hand-selection of the thickest and most beautiful pepper berries after drying.

This noble Pepper rarity comes from the Indian state of Kerala on the Malabar Coast and is named after the port city of Tellicherry (Thalasseri). The taste of the almost fully ripe pepper berries harvested is very aromatic and sharper than ordinary black pepper.

Of this quality, only small amounts of the best crops are processed into Tellicherry pepper annually. The colour is more brown than black, which is due to the longer maturity of the grapes at harvest.

Therefore, the pepper is often referred to as late-harvest pepper. Tellicherry pepper is more intense, warmer, and nutty in flavour than the ordinary black pepper.

Virgin Moringa oil extracted using the cold press traditional method.

M-Cure comprises of a mixture made up of mainly 3 ingredients namely: Moringa leaf powder, Turmeric extract, and black cumin seed extract oil.

Moringa powder protein enriched by folic acid of black cumin oil promotes RBC in the body. Turmeric extract helps fight against toxins, tumour cells, and increases immunity.

This combination helps our body generate enriched minerals and vitamins that cure joint pain, digestive disorders, body pain, and so many other issues.

M-Cure is a superfood with many benefits.

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Andrija Mihalic
Andrija Mihalic
Business partner
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Muricken is a great family of entrepreneurs and businessmen.
I have been personally working with Gautham, one of the founders, for three years now.
His dedication and passion for delivering high value to his customers always amaze me.
When it comes to consulting projects he is very knowledgeable in the fields of agriculture (given his family background), and sustainability (having studied for 3 years at the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld).
When working on a project he goes above and beyond for a client to ensure the high quality of the project solution. He doesn’t only invest tremendous effort on his part but also leverages numerous connections of experts in the respective field.
What I can also testify about is his brand M-spices, which boasts truly excellent spices and food supplements.
Not only that the products of M-spices are by themselves remarkable because their consumption improves health and overall well-being but they are also products that meet the highest quality standards on the market.
When it comes to Gautham’s personality – he is honest, reliable, hard-working, always providing value and making others grow.
To conclude, I am very proud that I have been trying to help grow the exquisite M-spices brand, very inspired having witnessed the high commitment to excellence in agricultural projects, and very honored and grateful to know Gautham Muricken.

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